Websites can quickly become out-of-date, leaving you with material which is both frustrating and unhelpful to people wanting to find out more about your services.

That is where Connecting People can help. Updating your existing website as frequently as you require.

Up to date information on your site is key to a good website and for search engine placements.  If your audience finds information that is out of date, they may leave your site and in-turn you will have lost some business from a potential client/service user.

Search engines will give your website more clout, when indexing and increase your page rankings if your website is seen to be updated regularly. Websites that do not get updated tend to end up being dropped by the search engines.  So keeping the information up to date is essential to your success on the world wide web.

All prices depend on page design and is agreed in advance so you know exactly where you stand and how much your site maintenance will cost!

For more information or to request a free quote, please contact us.